GCSE Astronomy with OASA, how does it work?

The course we run now is the new GCSE Astronomy (9-1). There are various differences which are already covered on the website, however to ease confusion on how it works.

To enrol for the course can happen by a number of ways

1. Easy instalment of £20 a month (this will change as we get closer to the time to allow parents to pay up on time). The link is here

Please note that enrolment via this process means you will NOT gain access to the materials or have anything sent until final payment is made

2. Pay for first year in full. This covers for 2018 – 2019 study. This is £150, you can do that here. Although you can pay by Paypal, it is better by BACS, account details are emailed if you choose to pay this way.

Once paid, what happens then?

You will be asked for

1. Full name of student

2. Date of Birth

3. Full postal address

Indication of which exam centre you prefer to use. (please note, this is now NOT LONGER part of the fee). We can aid in terms of centres we work with, but encourage students to use their own. Also if you have SEN, we need to know about that ASAP as facilities are limited.

The examboard we use is the only one that offers GCSE Astronomy, Edexcel Pearsons.

Once received you will be assigned logins to

1. The Virtual Learning Environment (this is where all the material is)

2. Our forum, it is essential you use this as all questions are posted here

3. Our Wiki (it is where we post course relevant material for easy access)

4. Helpdesk, so that any problems can be posted.

You will also be

a) Allocated a tutor

b) Sent out materials

From there on, all study takes place on the VLE. This package does NOT include one 2 one Skype tutorials or Facetime. If this is desired the tutor could provide it but this could incur an extra charge (to be discussed with them, if they cannot, we will find a tutor for you who will).

In general this is a self paced study course where the student is very much in charge of their own learning. Tutors are there for guidance. However please wherever possible, post any questions direct to the forum. Not only can this assist with easing the tutors workload (if many are asking the same questions) but it can also aid other students who might be aided from the responses.

So please do

a) Follow the topics, keep in mind usually the paper downloadable quiz will contain the same questions and the interactive digital one. Same goes for the interactives (contain same information as the book).

Also we’ve been working hard building a wiki to compliment the VLE now as well.

The tutor is there for any specific guidance you might need and might not want to put on the forum.


This has been a concern. In line with which from 2018, student names will no longer be used in any of our portals, only student numbers which of course will help identify the student to us and noone else. Please note, only authorised students are permitted in the forum. However now. We add them. Please use the portals we provide it is part of our agreement.

I hope this goes someway to answer the questions i have been asked in recent weeks/ days. Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. More about the course and the specification can be seen here.

At the end of the GCSE Astronomy Year One, a further £150 will be payable for the second year. Again this will be required in full before access and tutors can be assigned.

The total cost for the GCSE Astronomy for the two years is £300